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Our roads are tough environments and minor damage like scratches and gouges in our car’s paint are all but inevitable. However, Colors on Parade makes getting these battle scars fixed quick and affordable, and our technicians will restore your car to its original beauty!

Scratch Repair That Doesn’t Hurt Your Wallet

Traditional body shops do great work – but their services don’t come cheap. If your car has significant damage and needs major collision repairs, this may be your only option, but if the damage is limited to scratched paint you don’t need to put yourself through the cost and hassle of working with an auto body repair shop!

At Colors on Parade we specialize in paint repair and are experts in matching paint color and surface finishes. From surface level scratches that haven’t penetrated your clear coat, to deep gouges which can’t simply be buffed out, we have the experience, technology, and skills necessary to ensure your car looks good as new.

Best of all, we can perform these repairs at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops and most of our repairs can be completed within 48 hours of receiving your vehicle.

Why Choose Colors on Parade For Automotive Scratch Repair

When your vehicle needs minor repairs, there is no reason to pay major prices. We provide quality work, rapid turnaround time, and prices that body shops simply can’t match.

Pro-Grade Paint and Finish Matching

UV-light, oxygen exposure, and age cause your car’s paint to subtly fade and discolor over time. That’s why we combine a commercial grade 5-angle spectrophotometer with an experienced eye for color matching and 90 paint tints to achieve the perfect paint job.

Fast Fixes for Your Fast-Paced Life

Colors on Parade is able to repair most scratches to a like-new condition in as little as 24 hours for touch-up services or 48 hours for larger repairs and deeper scratches. You’ll spend less time without your car, or in a rental vehicle, and get back on the road faster!

Great Results That Don’t Cost a Fortune

While auto body shops aren’t called that because they cost an arm and a leg, the fact remains that automotive scratch repair is quite costly! At Colors on Parade we deliver impressive results without breaking the bank – request a quote and see for yourself!

What Folks Say About Working with Colors on Parade


"Highly skilled and detail oriented. "

– Joshua Minico

"Excellent work and quick response and turnaround!! "

– Michael Haygood

"They are all so kind, helpful and work with you."

– Barbara Bullington

About Us

Colors on Parade is the local expert in vehicle paint repair. From minor scratches on your fender to aerospace grade paint repairs for private jets, our technicians specialize in paint restoration and color matching. Since 1999 we have been providing the Midlands with an alternative to body shops for dents, dings, minor scratches, and curbed wheels.

My car was in an accident, can you fix the damage?

At Colors on Parade we specialize in scratch removal, paint chip repair, and paintless dent removal and are not able to offer repair services for more serious damage. If your car will need parts replaced or body work beyond minor dent repair, then we recommend you reach out to a body shop.

Where are you located?

Our technicians operate out of multiple dealerships in and around the South Carolina Midlands.
To see the locations we are operating out of, please see our locations page.

How long will my repair take?

For minor scratches that have not fully penetrated your clear coat, we are often able to complete the repair in 24 hours or less. Deeper scratches or scratches that cross multiple body panels will generally require at least 48 hours.
Most auto body shops need 1 to 2 weeks to complete repairs – so if your car only requires paint services you will save considerable time when you choose to work with Colors on Parade.

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