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Over time the surface of your headlight lenses yellow due to oxidation, UV rays, and a patina of micro-scratches which scatter and weaken their light. In some cases, new headlights are an affordable option, but for premium car brands, replacement headlights can run thousands of dollars!

At Colors on Parade we provide professional headlight restoration with a lifetime guarantee, fully restoring your headlights’ luster for a fraction of the price of replacement.

Clear Headlights Aren’t Just for New Cars

Yellowed headlights make your car look old before its time and can make driving at night a dicey proposition. While headlight restoration kits are available at most auto repair stores, these products rarely provide results which last more than a few weeks or months and your lens will simply yellow once again.

At Colors on Parade our headlight restoration process goes beyond your typical auto detailing service. After using cutting compounds and automotive grade sandpaper to achieve a perfectly clear lens, our technicians apply the same type of UV-stabilized clear coat that protects your vehicle’s paint. This provides a permanent layer of protection against environmental damage and results in a headlight restoration that comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Why Choose Colors on Parade For Headlight Restoration

Driving around with yellowed headlights is more than just an eyesore! Keep your view of the road ahead bright and clear with our headlight restoration service.

Pro-Grade Clear Coats & Lifetime Guarantee

UV-light and oxygen exposure are the primary culprits behind headlight yellowing and hazing. Our long-lasting UV-stabilized automotive grade clear coat protects your headlights from the elements and lets us offer you a lifetime guarantee!

Fast Fixes for Your Fast-Paced Life

Colors on Parade is able to restore most headlights to a like-new condition while you wait. You’ll spend less time without your car, or in a rental vehicle, and get back on the road faster!

Great Results That Don’t Cost a Fortune

For premium brands, headlight replacements can cost thousands of dollars and will turn dull and yellow just the same as the originals. At Colors on Parade we deliver impressive results without breaking the bank – request a quote and see for yourself!

What Folks Say About Working with Colors on Parade


"Highly skilled and detail oriented. "

– Joshua Minico

"Excellent work and quick response and turnaround!! "

– Michael Haygood

"They are all so kind, helpful and work with you."

– Barbara Bullington

About Us

Colors on Parade is the local expert in headlight restoration. From minor scratches on your fender to aerospace grade paint repairs for private jets, our technicians specialize in finish restoration and color matching. Since 1999 we have been providing the Midlands with an alternative to body shops for dents, dings, minor scratches, and curbed wheels.

How long will my repair take?

We are able to complete headlight restorations in as little as 45 minutes.

How long will my headlight restoration last?

Due to the professional grade clear coat that we apply, your headlight restoration will easily provide many years of service. All of our headlight restorations come with a lifetime guarantee – for as long as you own your vehicle you are protected against future yellowing or hazing!

In addition to the haze, my headlights have small cracks - can you fix these too?

Cloudy headlights often result in heat buildup in the headlight housing. This can lead to microcracks forming in the headlight lens, and is unfortunately not something that can be repaired. The good news is that these microcracks generally do not interfere with your beam focussing and we are still able to refinish yellow and cloudy lenses even if microcracks are present.

Where are you located?

Our technicians operate out of multiple dealerships in and around the South Carolina Midlands.
To see the locations we are operating out of, please see our locations page.

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