Scratch Removal

Options for Lexington South Carolina

Do you have dings and chips all over your car? Driving around the midlands can do that to your vehicle, with the weather and the wilderness, we all have chips and scratches we wish we didn’t have to see. Now you have a cost effective solution, let the auto paint experts at Colors on Parade Columbia give your car the attention it deserves without the time in an expensive body shop. We provide our mobile auto paint repair near you in local dealerships. That means we are usually down the street and all of our work is done same day. Quality Guaranteed. Don’t wait, show your car some love today!
Lexus RX 400 h Scratch Before
Lexus RX 400 h Scratch After
Silver Scratched Bumper
Silver Bumper After
Silver Audi scratched in Columbia, South Carolina
CarLove fixed the Audi like those scratched never happened

Car Scratch Repair

So, you’ve asked… how to remove scratches from car paint? Well, the answer varies, depending on several factors related to the severity and location of the scratch, as well as your car’s color. There’s also the issue regarding the type of paint that’s on your car. Is it basecoat-clearcoat (BC/CC), or is it Direct Gloss?  Both of these paint types come as factory standards.  While there are exceptions, generally paint colors having “pearls” or metallic’s in the paint are basecoat-clearcoats, meaning the color you see is a polyester basecoat over which a clear acrylic-urethane topcoat has been applied. Non-metallic colors like red, white, and black can be applied as Direct Gloss paint (DG), meaning the color permeates the paint throughout with no clear topcoat required.
Let’s go back to the issue of scratch location.The question of how to remove scratches from car panels (metal) as opposed to car bumpers (Plastic) requires careful consideration.

Scratch Options


And, regarding the severity of a scratch, we as paint repair technicians have 2 options “remove” the scratch, or “repair” it.  It is possible to buff out scratches and scuff marks. If your car’s paint is BC/CC and the scratch is contained entirely within the thickness of the Clearcoat, then it is possible to actually remove the scratch using fine abrasives called compounds.

However, there is no magic car scratch remover for damage that penetrates through the clearcoat and down into the basecoat. This calls for “repairing” the scratch which most times involves adding a fine line of paint to the scratch. This method works most effectively to fix scratches on car panels rather than on bumpers and other plastic components. Also, this method works better on DG paints rather than BC/CC paints.

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