Paintless Dent Removal

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Dent on you car door that just needs to be “popped” back in to place? Before you go use a plunger or boil water and make the situation worse, give the professionals at CarLove Columbia a try. We have decades of experience and know how to make all vehicle types look good. Paintless Dent Removal or repair is a specialty trade and requires an appointment, to schedule one with a CarLove expert call us at 803-760-4333.
Black BMW Dented Door Before
paintless dent removal black bumper before
Black BMW Dented Door After
Black Bumper After

The PDR Process

When looking for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), or a paintless dent removal service, there are a few things to know about the damage itself that will affect the repairability of the dent, and therefore, the cost.  And please note, in this article we’ll be talking about paintless car dent removal (also called Paintfree Dent Removal).  While these principles apply to other thin-metaled components, PDR is all about your car.So, the first thing to know is your car’s metal material.  Is it steel (most likely) or is it aluminum?  All modern vehicles have a lot of aluminum in them, however, only some have painted aluminum panels.  Why is this a factor?  Because of the difference in the way an aluminum panel reacts to the dent-repair process as opposed to steel.  And, because aluminum panels must be slightly thicker than steel ones, so they can stand up to the rigors of every-day wear and tear.  That additional thickness makes it more difficult for the PDR tech to monitor the repair process.  Just know this… if the dent you’ve acquired is in an aluminum panel the paintless dent removal cost will go up. Even the color of your car can have an affect on PDR repair costs.  Black, for example, is a color requiring a higher level of expertise than white, or a lighter color.  This is because black appears more reflective than white, and so the PDR repair on a black car will show up a less than perfect repair more readily than on a white car. One more consideration regarding PDR repair costs are the possible effects of e-coat scratching on the back-side of your car’s metal panel.  Dent removal tools are made from hardened steel.  And, while their tips are generally not sharp, the pressure of the repair process can scratch the protective factory coating and leave room for rust to begin forming where you can’t see it.  Make sure to ask the PDR technician to use protective caps for their tool tips so that the chance for scratching is reduced. Finally, when considering whether the dent you see on your car is a good candidate for PDR you’ll need to take a close look at the factory paint in and around the dent.  Is it cracked at all?  Even a hair-line crack in the paint around the dent (not to be confused with scratches) will push the repair out of the realm of Paintfree Dent Repair, to a standard body-shop style paint repair. Call us to schedule your appointment today!