Headlight Restoration

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Are your headlights dark, cloudy or foggy? This can be caused by ultra-violet light damaging the surface of the plastic or a build up or dirt or acid. Foggy or dirty plastic can cause the bean of light to weaken, reducing your field of vision while driving and in Columbia, South Carolina that can be dangerous.  Don’t worry, the Colors On Parade Columbia experts can help with our Headlight Restoration services. Make sure you can see those deer on the road with nice clear headlights, shining their brightest, call us today.
Headlight Restoration

The Headlight Restoration Process

When you need to have your headlights repaired from all the damage that the sun causes, you could say that you want to defog headlights.  And, yes it looks like yellow fog.  What’s happened is that the sun’s UV rays have degraded the factory coating on the plastic lens assembly.  You could try your own repair by using a headlight polish, but you will find this a temporary repair at best. So, what’s the best method of headlight repair for foggy headlights?  We at Colors On Parade have been providing the best headlight restoration service going since 1988.  And, we don’t just provide a headlight cleaner. No, we go through a 5-step process that permanently applies a factory finish on every headlight lens we repair, guaranteed. While our methods and materials are proprietary, here’s what we do in a nutshell: First, we properly clean the lens surface using various solvents.  This begins the restorative process by removing the oxides caused by the sun’s harmful rays.  Then the mechanical damage caused from road debris has to be repaired, and then the proper surface texture of the headlight lens must be attained.  Finally, the glass-clear UV protective coating can be applied using our specialized equipment and processes. The resulting finish is truly remarkable!  Not only does the front of your car look years younger, you’ll be able to see the road at night just as you could when your headlights were new. So, how do you get to one of our skilled technicians?  An advantage you have in the Columbia, South Carolina area is that Colors On Parade has 9 technicians that service car dealerships throughout the greater Columbia area, as well as Sumter, and Augusta. So, it’s likely that a technician will be set up and working at a location near you. You can either call Mike at (803) 760-4333.  Or you can fill out the contact card at the bottom of our landing page: wordpress-213944-795260.cloudwaysapps.com


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