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There are few kinds of paint damage that are as obvious as a dent in your cars’ fender, door, or bumper.  While the paint chips and surface scratches our car will acquire throughout its life are obvious in closeup, a dent can be seen from across the parking lot.  So, how can we determine what’s needed to get going on the dent removal process?  Are your car dent repair needs going to involve a body shop?  Are there dent removal tools (like a dent puller) that you can buy online or locally?
Well, let’s get one scenario out of the way… hail damage repair.  Hail damage is almost always repaired using PDR, that’s Paintfree (or paintless) Dent Removal.
Escalade Bumper Scracted Dented Before
Black Bumper Before
Escalad eBumper Scracted Dented after
Black Bumper After

Large Shallow Dents

For the dent put into your car door or hood, from an energetic game of basketball, or perhaps sitting on, or leaning against your car, it is possible that you can remove most of the dent yourself. Just purchasing a 3 to  4 inch suction cup and pulling out the dent could get you most of the way there. However, don’t make this low-cost attempt if you have a new car, or if you know you want a perfect repair on your beloved used model. Perfection, or near-perfect PDR results come from lots of experience and having the right tools.


Sharply Defined Dents Having Obvious Paint Damage

While this type of damage requires body shop-style damage repairs, they may not necessarily require a body shop.  Our well trained and certified Colors On Parade technicians have spent many years perfecting body-work and paint blending repairs that are completed in just a day or two.  So, not only will you save money over a body shop (our repairs are generally about half the typical body shop price) but most of the time, our repair techniques mean that you’re only without your car for just one day!

However, there will always be a need for reputable local body shops.  Because our technicians focus on repairs they can complete perfectly in 1 day, even a low-speed fender bender can quickly become a body shop level repair requiring several days to complete.

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