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Colors on Parade is Columbia, South Carolina’s answer to expensive auto body shops. We love cars and it shows. Every service is done with the utmost care and attention to detail, so your car will look brand new.  From auto paint repair and dent removal to headlight restoration, Colors on Parade is near you so you don’t have to go far to show your car some love.

Auto Paint Services

Does your vehicle need some tender love and care?

Colors on Parade is like a Spa for your car! Our services focus on making your car look brand new without taking it to a costly auto body shop. When paint scratches, chips and cracks are no longer something you live with, Colors on Parade is near by to make your day. From collision damage to dings in paint caused by our lovely South Carolina roads, we have your hood covered.

Looking to sell you vehicle? A paint touch up and removal of the little dents will increase the value of the vehicle, putting more money in your pocket. Don’t hesitate, check out our services today!


Paint and Dent Repair


Paint And Dent Repair Before
Paint And Dent Repair After

Cracked and scratched bumper before & after

Bumper Cracked And Scratched Before
Bumper Cracked And Scratched After

Cracked and scratched bumper before & after


Scratch Removal and Chip Repair



Paintless Dent Removal



Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Auto Paint And Dent Repair Near You

Here at Colors on Parade we have teamed up with local vehicle dealerships all over the Midland’s to provide you with quality, budget friendly, mobile auto body repair.  Our experts are trusted to handle the clean up of used vehicles that are about to be put on sale at our partner dealerships, so you can trust our services are professional. We can repair almost any ding, chip, scratch or dent you bring out way. If you car isn’t looking as good as you, then it needs some love. Find one of our auto body experts near you today!

Family Owned and Operated in Columbia


Colors on Parade is a mobile body shop service that is located near you! We are family owned and operated here in Columbia, South Carolina. We help families all over the midland’s area with an alternative to a body shop. For those small paint scratches or minor dents that you don’t want your whole car painted or insurance involved, Colors on Parade is there.

Love your car and want it to look brand new?

Colors on Parade can help you maintain your vehicle’s appearance with headlight restoration and wheel refinish services as well! 

Find out more about Colors on Parade now. 


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We have experts all over the Midlands for your convenience. Check out our service locations to find a professional near you or give us a call today! 

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